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China supplier EPT RIGHT ANGLE PRECISION PLANETARY GEARBOX near me manufacturer

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Description of EPT Appropriate Angle Precision Planetary Gearbox

EPT correct angle precision planetary gearboxes are geared up with a correct angle framework with round flanges. Employing spiral bevel gears, the motor can be put in at 90 degrees to meet up with the particular specifications of the modest installation room. More importantly, the spiral bevel gear guarantees the high strength and substantial transmission torque, and long provider daily life of the EPT 90-diploma precision planetary reducer. In addition, EPT collection gearboxes are cost-effective versions of EPT higher-precision planetary gearboxes, with the very same substantial quality and substantial positioning precision, and reduced price tag.

Substanceof EPT Correct Angle Precision Planetary Gearbox

  1. The use of cageless needle roller bearings with a smaller sized cross-segment enables the substantial load-carrying capability of the Per reducer, particularly for help buildings with minimal radial mounting.
  2. Planetary reducer and helical gear composition with small vibration and lower sound can improve the energy of Per precision planetary gearbox.
  3. The gears are produced of large-quality alloy metal, carbonitrided, and floor to get the greatest dress in resistance and affect toughness.
  4. The floor is painted to guarantee that the gearbox will never ever rust.


The EPT precision planetary ninety-diploma gearbox is broadly utilized in transportation machinery, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, petrochemical equipment, development equipment, light-weight industry, textile equipment, health-related devices, injection molding equipment, linear slides, select and spot automation, gantries, slicing and welding devices and instrument machinery.

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